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Gypsy Company was a company in the UNSC Marine Corps and served aboard the UNSC Infinity.[1] The company consisted of marines and a few Spartan-IVs.

Operational HistoryEdit

During the First Battle of Requiem, John-117 aided Gypsy Company in their mission to destroy the network of four Particle Cannons defending the Gravity Well Generator keeping the Infinity on Requiem. During their mission, they escorted a Mammoth that had the ability to destroy the particle cannons. After destroying two of the particle cannons, the Mammoth was damaged by a Covenant Lich. John-117 proceeded to destroy the Lich, saving the Mammoth. Unfortunately, during the final leg of the journey to the particle cannon control center, the passage ended up being blocked, preventing the company from going any further, so John-117 headed out on foot to disable the remaining particle cannons from the control center.[1]



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