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A Guardian is a Forerunner AI construct. They were used to keep "troublesome worlds" in-line during the age of the Forerunner Ecumene.

Operational HistoryEdit

In 2558, after being "cured" of her Rampancy, Cortana awoke an unknown number of Guardians in the galaxy. She turned them against sentient species, claiming the Mantle of Responsibility for the Created.

Design Details Edit

Appearance Edit

A Guardian consists of many polygonal pieces floating in unison to form an upright bird-like shape. They have a much more defined face. On all parts of the structure there are massive glowing circles having unknown functions. Their size is described as the size of a skyscraper and are made completely out of Forerunner metal.

Function and Behavior Edit

The Forerunners used the Guardians to keep troublesome worlds in-line with Forerunner laws during the age of their Ecumene. The way they achieved this is unknown; not much is currently known about their tactical capabilites. They are capable of near instantaneous slipspace travel through a self-formed bubble of slipspace. They also possess EMP capabilities able to sabotage every piece of technology on a planet and its surrounding space.

To help police solar systems, the Forerunners hid Guardians on numerous planets throughout the galaxy, and seemingly on every planet with life.


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