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A Guardian Custode was a Forerunner built, Tier Two Peacemaker Ancilla.[1] They were used to police "troublesome worlds" during the age of the Forerunner Ecumene.[2]

Class HistoryEdit

Ancient ServiceEdit

Originally the Guardians were built to record the legacy of the Precursors. Over time this idea would be lost to the Foreunners, and eventually the Ecumene would use the Guardians to keep lesser species in-line.[1] To help police solar systems, the Forerunners hid Guardians on numerous planets throughout the galaxy, and seemingly on every planet with life. Some of these planets include Meridian, Sanghelios, Conrad's Point, Laika III, Ursa IV, and Trevelyan.

Human DiscoveryEdit

At some point, the UNSC had discovered a buried Guardian at Trevelyan. This dig site was referred to as Project GOLIATH.[3]


Halo 5 Guardians Battle Of Meridian 16

Olympia Vale in front of the Meridian Guardian.

In September 2558, after being "cured" of her Rampancy, Cortana began to awake an unknown number of Guardians in the galaxy.[3] She began to collect them at the Forerunner world of Genesis.[4]

This continued through to October 2558. On October 25, 2558, Blue Team was transported to Genesis on the Meridian Guardian.[5] On October 27, Fireteam Osiris would travel there on the Sanghelios Guardian.[6] By this point, Cortana had claimed the Mantle of Responsibility for the Created, and began to send them back out into the galaxy.[7]

H5G Cutscene GuardianAbovePlanet

A Guardian during The Reclamation.

Upon arriving at their destinations, the Guardians began to disable the electrical grids and military equipment.[7] One Guardian was also used to rip Installation 09 out of Slipspace.[8]


Halo 5 Guardians Battle Of Meridian 19

The Slipspace bubble created by a Guardian.

Function and BehaviorEdit

The Forerunners used the Guardians to keep troublesome worlds in-line with Forerunner laws during the age of their Ecumene.[2]


The ancillas of the Guardians were known to be "strange" and "cold" and had limited personality and empathy. The ancilla were also influenced by the Domain to become some of the best suited AIs to enforce the Mantle of Responsibility.[1]

Domain ConnectionEdit

The Guardian was connected to the Domain. Often times the Guardian would record the history of the species it protected and add it to the Domain.[1]


A Guardian consists of many polygonal pieces floating in unison to form an upright bird-like shape. On all parts of the structure there are massive glowing circles having unknown functions. Their size is described as the size of a skyscraper and are made completely out of Forerunner metal. This metal was magnetic.[2]

The face of the Guardian unnerved even the Forerunners and every attempt to change it failed.[1]

Armament & DefenseEdit

They also possess EMP capabilities able to sabotage every piece of technology on a planet and its surrounding space.[7] The Guardian can undulate various parts of it's body as a defense mechanism against boarders.[2] The exact armament of the Guardian is as follows:

  • 1 disruption generator[1]
  • 2 attenuation pulse emitters[1]
  • 6 converging beam cannons[1]


They are capable of slipspace travel through a self-formed bubble.[9]


Guardians had a complement of Promethean Crawlers and Promethean Soldiers.[2]


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