The Greater Chicago Industrial Zone[1] (referred to as "The Zone",[1] or Chicago[2][3]) was a Human city on Earth, located on the continent of North America near Lake Michigan.



Near Chicago existed the Great Lakes Spaceport. As well, the city operated a MagLev Train system.[1] The system replaced the less advanced elevated trains, and used the same routes and infrastructure.[4]

Child CareEdit

Child care in The Zone was handled by Zone Protective Services.[5]


Corporations in CityEdit


While physically located in the United States, the Zone was a de-facto independent city-state, with its citizens feeling more loyalty to it and, to a lesser extent, the United Nations than to the US government. This loss of national identity was a natural consequence of human colonization of other planets and systems.


An outgrowth of the 19th century American city of Chicago, the Zone was a vast urban sprawl covering large parts of the former states of Illinois, Wisconsin, and Indiana.[1]


Known ResidentsEdit

Born InEdit

These were the people who were born in The Zone.


These were the people who lived in The Zone, but it is unknown if they were born there or came from elsewhere.




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