Gravball is a popular game played by humans since the mid-25th century.[1] The game consists of a floating gravity ball, and it is played on repulsor courts. The gravball is "skimmed" across the court, although the mechanics of the game have never been described.

It is a popular activity available on playgrounds. As a child on Eridanus II, John-117 was not allowed by the other kids to play it, because he always won.[2]

A table game named "Gravity Ball," played in bars such as Eddie's In The Rock in The Rubble, may be a smaller-scale variant of the game.[3]

Gravball lends itself easily to military training exercise and many UNSC drill instructors have worked combat elements into the game and use it in training regimes. In 2558, a variant of the game was incorporated into War Games simulation aboard the UNSC Infinity.[4]

Sources Edit

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