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Gladys Wilson (born Gladys Ashantia Swanson in Tahoka, Texas) is a retired UNSC Marine. After a year and a half of special forces, she volunteered for the SPARTAN-I Program in January 2491, where she became a close friend of James Lee (later James James). She was awarded for her bravery at the Eridanus system, and retired after becoming a Gunnery Sergeant.[1] According to Gladys, she outranks James.[2]

She is close to James' daughter Janissary James, and Jan calls her "Aunt Gladys". Even though Janissary James refers to her as "Aunt", they are not blood relatives. When Jan found out that she'd been tweaked and is a Spartan 1.1, she got Gladys to take her to a Moons bar to test her newly discovered skills.[2]

She was married after her Retirement, and according to Durga, it was a "brief but spectacular marriage" to a man who "couldn't keep his zipper...."[3]


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