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“Sooner... or later... life gets the drop on you, kid. Bang.”
— Gilly, to Jan

Gilly is the mother of Janissary James.[2] She was a former Spartan 1.0 like Jan's father James James. Gilly appears to have been out of Jan's life and seems to have been either hospitalized or institutionalized [3] as a result of her SPARTAN training/operations.

She and Jan broke into the Crystal Security building in an attempt to seek revenge against the gangster Thin Kinkle for killing Jan's father, James. They were able to corner Kinkle and Monster Ann and, in an attempt to be motherly and spare her daughter from having to kill, Gilly shot both Kinkle and Monster Ann.


  • Gilly (or, alternatively, Gillie) may just be a short title for Gillian or it may be an oblique reference to a Ghillie (pronounced "Gilly") suit, a heavily camouflaged outfit which relies on actual leaves, twigs, etc. in addition to the standard asymmetrical patterns of a normal camouflaged military uniform. Ghillie suits are often worn by elite sniper elements in the military for maximum stealth and concealment in battle.



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