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Gilgamesh is a colony world of the United Nations Space Command that is noted to have a brothel on its surface. The colony is lawless and is mainly controlled by mobsters and Insurrectionists.[1]

In 2552, an A.I. construct, Cortana, wired a transfer of funds to a Gilgamesh brothel, masquerading as Colonel James Ackerson. This was her form of payback for his heavy-handed attempt to make sure that the MJOLNIR shield test failed. Since the brothel would send a confirmation of this action, she knew that this action would make his wife quite mad and in turn disrupt his life.[2]

Gilgamesh apparently still existed during the Battle of Earth, as evidenced by active transports from the colony to the Quito Space Tether.[3]


  • Gilgamesh was a Sumerian king that ruled Mesopotamia (specifically Assyria) circa 2650 BC. He was the Sumerian equivalent to Hercules, as he was considered a demigod of superhuman strength.
  • On the Halo 3 multiplayer map Orbital, one of the incoming transports is from Gilgamesh.


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