“Your destruction is the will of the gods... and we are their instruments.”
“... Go to hell.”
— Geoff

Geoff was a member of the UNSC Marine Corps in 2552.


Geoff was serving on the UNSC Pillar of Autumn in 2552, when it crash-landed on Installation 04. There, Geoff and the rest of his squad were to infiltrate a Covenant held bunker. Geoff and two of his squadmates drove there on a Warthog, Geoff riding shotgun, while the other three members got there on foot.



Geoff and the rest of the squad broke into the bunker, but lost Segur in the process. He and McLess were tasked with guarding the entrance door to the bunker. They failed in their attempt to help their Sergeant, who was ambushed and killed. Geoff escaped in a Ghost, while McLees covered him. Followed by two Ghosts and Banshees, his Ghost got shot down, however he was saved in time by John-117. The two of them were the only survivors of the mission.

He most likely died when John-117 destroyed Alpha Halo. Since his character resembles Dubbo, however, he may have survived.