“Okay, angel. Time for you to meet the big dog.”
— Gene
“See, the problem with being a big dog, is there's always a bigger dog. The trouble with being bad, Gene, is you only last as long as you're the scariest pup on the block. And no matter how bad you are, how tough, how fast, you know what's waiting for you, big dog? A bigger bitch.”
— Janissary James

Gene Lindsey is a wannabe gangster trying to join Thin Kinkle's gang. In 2552, he was given an initiation test: raping]] some woman on a secluded city street. Two guards, Pete and Marty, would be there to help see it through.

However, his friend Paolo recognized that this would be blackmail material, as he would never be able to escape from and enlisted the help of Janissary James, who had rescued him from Thin the week before. Jan took out both guards before pretending to offer herself in exchange for the victim. She proceeded to engage Gene in combat, shooting his toe off at one point. Gene finally was left beaten, bones broken, threatening her with Thin's revenge.


  • As a member of Thin Kinkle's gang, Gene went by the nickname "Optical."