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      Ganymede is a UNSC-controlled natural satellite and is the largest moon of Jupiter in the Sol system. It was partially terraformed though it supposedly retains a harsh climate.[2] Ganymede is home to a significant human population.

The country Aigburth is located on Ganymede, as well as the Low/Zero Gravity Testing Facility, the developer of the EVA Armor. Subsequently, the EVA Armor was created and tested at Ganymede at Lister, Aigburth.[3]


  • Ganymede is one of the few human colonies not glassed by the Covenant
  • The country Aigburth is a reference to the British TV series Red Dwarf. It references the name The Aigburth Arms, where the character Lister was found abandoned as a baby. The city Lister is also a reference to the show, Dave Lister being one of the main characters.
  • In the Halo: Reach live-action short Spaceport, Ganymede is a destination listed at the Manassas Spaceport.