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Gannick 22 is a human inner colony.


Gannick 22 was named after the 22 scientists and pioneers from the UNSC Gannick who discovered the planet. These 22 would give their lives to explore a pre-colonized Gannick, prior to the Human-Covenant war.[2] By 2556 the planet had been thoroughly settled, giving rise to large population centers.[3]

Economy Edit

Corporations On Planet Edit

Physical AspectsEdit

Flora and FaunaEdit

After the glassing of Reach, Gannick 22 now contains the largest population of Moa.[2]

Known ResidentsEdit


  • Gannick is the name of several minor locations in the western hemisphere, most notably a Scottish glen.[4] However Gannick is also a somewhat uncommon surname. The exact inspiration for Gannick 22's name is unclear.



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