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This article is about the gunship featured in Halo 4. For more uses of the term Pelican, click here.

The Gunship 79 Heavy-Trooper Carrier/Mobile Armory (G79H-TC/MA), more commonly known as the Pelican, is the gunship variant of the D79H-TC Pelican. It is extremely versatile, capable not only of carrying troops, cargo, or vehicles, but also of combat, due to its arsenal of heavy weapons.


In 2557, John-117 flew a G79H-TC/MA Pelican during his attempt to keep the Ur-Didact from leaving Requiem.[4]


  • The G79H-TC/MA Pelican is the first pilotable Pelican that is neither an easter egg nor a mod.
  • The turret on the top and the turrets on the sides are able to be operated by players in the level Shutdown.
  • This Pelican is pilotable on the level Reclaimer via a glitch.
  • In co-op gameplay, all four players will operate a different weapon on the Pelican. Player 1 pilots and operates the chin-mounted chaingun and Spartan Laser, Players 2 and 3 operate the side-mounted guns, and Player 4 operates the dorsal cannon.




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