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A Gúta roaming Reach's swamps.

The Gúta,[1] pronounced "Gueta,"[2] is a gigantic bipedal species native to the planet Reach. Severe aggression is rare, outside mating males or females with young. Even so, it is an extremely dangerous animal.[3]


  • On a player's career stats at, the Gúta is listed as "mule." Instead of listing a rank, the entry simply says, "No hugging." The "Mule" nickname is an internal name used by Bungie employees.[4]
  • Unlike killing Moa, killing a Gúta awards the player points in campaign scoring.
  • Several ideas were formed around the Gúta, but were ultimately cut from the game. Among these ideas were Gúta being used as battle-mounts by Elites and Grunts, Gúta that were equipped with mounted weapons, and the ability for the player to "hijack" the Gúta and plant a grenade in its mouth.[4]
  • The Gúta was originally set to be in several campaign missions in addition to Nightfall. Due to resource constraints, this level features the only two Gúta in the game.[4]
  • The Gúta can survive two direct sniper shots to the cranium before dying.



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