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Fumirole was a human colony during the Insurrection and the Human-Covenant war.[1]


The InsurrectionEdit

Along with Hellas, the colony was one of two on which Insurrectionists were known to utilize Rumbledrugs in a vainglorious attempt to fight Spartan-II's. Unencumbered by the body's normal safety limits, subjects were capable of feats of enormous strength, but the subsequent lack of control and mental instability together with the immediate physiological damage meant that users often died long before they ever laid hands on an actual Spartan, though not before doing tremendous damage to themselves and anything that got in their way.

Human-Covenant WarEdit

Main article: Battle of Fumirole

Fumirole was also the site of a battle on April 22, 2552.[2] Details are not very known, but it is known that Noble Team participated in the battle and destroyed a CCS-class battlecruiser with an MFDD. Thom-A293 sacrificed his life to destroy his target.[3]



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