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An advertisement for Fronk's, found in Mombasa Quays.

“Is it a fish? Is it a whale? You decide.”
Luke Smith during the Bungie Podcast

"Fronk's" is a brand of fish nuggets. Products of the company were advertised in the quays in the city of Mombasa, Earth.[1][2]


  • A "Fronk's" advertising board makes an appearance in the Mythic map Longshore.
  • From an anatomical standpoint, the creature in the image is a whale. This has to do with the orientation of the tail fin. In a fish it would be vertical, in a whale it would be horizontal. If you imagine it uncurled, it would have a horizontal tail fin, thus making it a whale. However, given the fact that other aesthetic features present within the drawing are not totally consistent with a whale's appearance, we must presume that this is an artist's rendition and could be a fish almost as assuredly as it could be a whale.

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