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Enclosed by Kymicals- won the Arena category

Forgetacular is a contest hosted by Bungie that utilizes Halo: Reach's Forge gametype.


Bungie started Forgetacular on October 14 and ran until November 28. It had 7 categories for players to participate in, which is a possible 7 reference. The contest was announced through the use of a News Post at and its winners were posted in the same way.


Each category had only one winner that received the following Prizes

  • Halo: Reach Limited Edition Xbox 360 Console signed by the Bungie Team
  • Map considered for Matchmaking

Although all winners received their console, only 3 of the winning maps actually made it into the Matchmaking system. They are Enclosed (Arena winner), Abridged (Big Team Battle), and Treasury (Team Slayer).


The 7 categories that were open for submission were

  • Arena
  • Big Team Battle
  • Capture The Flag
  • Infection
  • Invasion
  • Race
  • Team Slayer


The winning map name and it's creator are

  • Enclosed-Kymicals (Arena)
  • Abridged-Schmittler 5000 (Big Team Battle)
  • Atonement-Psychosis687 (Capture The Flag)
  • Mansion-SWAS LightningZ (Infection)
  • Saucered-Ye5 (Invasion)
  • Cobra-Irritab1e B owl (Race)
  • Treasury-JoeSki73 (Team Slayer)

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