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Full Map of Forge World

It is possible to fly around outside the barrier of Forge World in Theater mode.

Outside the map, there is a river, that contains many small islands, 'paper' trees, continuous mountains, and if the player goes far enough they can see something that looks like a blue moon.


Method A : To do this, you will need to have 2 players. Player 1 should spawn a grid and spin it as if it was rolling. Player 2 should fly as high above the grid as possible in monitor mode and then fall on to the grid. Player 2 should be shot out past the levels barriers. After the player has passed the barrier, quickly pause and detach the camera and you will be able to fly freefully around the map.

Method B: This is a much simpler method. Spawn any object and drag it towards the invisible barrier until you are unable to move. Then rotate around the object until both you and the object are out of the levels boundaries.

Method C: While in Forge, go to the very edge of any boundary. Face the direction of the boundary and spawn a receiver teleportation node. You can then position the object as far out of the boundaries as you desire. Then simply build a sender node on the same channel.

Note that when you leave the boundary, the kill barrier is still there so you will need to pause and detach the camera before the kill-timer runs out.