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The Forge No-Clip Glitch is a glitch in both Halo 3 and Halo: Reach Forge, which let's the player "No-clip" Through a thin wall.

Method 1Edit

To perform this glitch, go onto any map that has a thin wall (Such as Solitary). Go to an area that has glass on the walls, then spawn a Turret. Place the turret at the wall with the triggers touching the wall which the player will no-clip through. Go to player mode, then enter the turret. Turn the turret around so the player is inside the area that is being accessed, then go to Monitor mode. You should be able to move around the area outside the map.

Method 2Edit

Go onto Forge World and spawn a 1x1 block flat, and place it anywhere. Place a Warthog next to it, and you will No-clip into the Warthog on the other side, accessing the other side of the wall.

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