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Forge Art of a Unggoy in Halo: Reach.

Forge Art is a type of object that can be created in Forge. Unlike other creations made using Forge, Forge Art most often appears as large scenery or statuary of various things, such as characters, ships, or vehicles. Most forms of Forge Art are simply scenic, but there are a few that can be used as a map to play on. Forge Art can come in many 3D shapes and sizes, but are usually huge, and made to look like beings, ships/vehicles, or words. Another form consists of objects or weapons laid out on the ground or in the air to form words or pictures.


Halo 3Edit

Forge saw limited appearances in Halo 3 Forge feature due to the difficulty of stacking scenery and most were created on Sandbox because of its size and structures available. Although Sandbox is one of Halo 3's biggest maps, other maps, such as Foundry or Avalanche, contain Forge Art, too.

Halo: ReachEdit

With the addition of Forge World in Halo: Reach, these creations have become far more widespread. The Forge feature (Phased/Fixed) in Halo: Reach allows for objects to be placed in mid-air and retain that position allowing for greater ease in the creation of Forge Art. Forge World, however, is not the only map in the game holding Forge Art, although it is the more likely and probably has the most.

Halo 4Edit

Halo 4 adds several maps tailored specifically to Forge. Erosion, Ravine, and Impact were all created to serve as Forge map templates, consisting of large, open terrains of various environments where players can craft their own creations. Forge Island, a massive map for Forging and successor to Forge World, was released as a free DLC.