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Forerunner Armor2

A concept of Forerunner Armor

Forerunner Armor is a non-combat suit worn by all Forerunners prior to the Forerunner-Flood war where it was replaced by the Combat Skin.


Forerunner Armor is similar to the Mjolnir Powered Assault Armor for of its ability to enable any sentient species to survive in hostile conditions. It can connect to the user's central nervous system and is able to provide nourishment to the wearer for up to 3 days.

Species known to have worn them include the Forerunners, Humans and San'Shyuum (Better known as Prophets), but could, theoretically, be fitted to Elites, Brutes, or even Grunts. This is due to the suit's construction as it is built tailored to the physical parameters of the wearer. Each suit has its own Smart artificial intelligence which has the ability to gather any information the wearer desires by linking to the Domain. The exception to this is that immature Forerunner only have a limited ability to communicate with the Domain.

The DomainEdit

Main article: Domain

The Domain is a central intelligence containing the sum of Forerunner ancestral knowledge and is only accessible by Forerunner who have reached full maturity.

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