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Followers is an upgrade only available at the Covenant temple. Its icon is a picture of three Elites wielding energy swords. It also has a +10 symbol next to the picture. It requires 3 tech points which in the Covenant is called the Age of Reclamation. This upgrade costs 800 supplies.


  • Increases Covenant army population to 50 rather than the original 40.
  • Allows you to build 2 Scarabs and make 3 Locust.
  • Allows you to outnumber and possibly outmatch your enemies.


  • Enemies can also buy this upgrade.
  • AI Players use this to make up to two scarabs to use against you.


  • The UNSC's counterpart upgrade to this, Reinforcements, is purchased at the Field Armory.
  • Scarabs can be aided by Locusts or any other Covenant if this upgrade is bought.
  • This is one of the longest upgrades to obtain. Needing 3 tech levels and 800 supplies. By the time it is complete you won't have long before the enemy attacks you.

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