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The Flood Nest' is a Flood Building in the strategic game Halo Wars.[1] It can create Infection Forms and Carrier Forms. The Nest has a number of tentacles surrounding an opening which resembles a set of lips, which spits out swarms of different Flood forms. If you let some infection forms kill and take over your marines or flamethrowers in Mission 8 Anders' Signal, they will begin to spawn from the Flood Nest. It will also carry on to Mission 9 the Flood, and possibly Mission 10 Shield World .

This will also work in skirmish with Jackals, Brutes, Elites, and the Brute Chieftain.

NOTE: There are no Flood Nests in skirmish, just Flood Colonies, Infection forms, and Infected Marines. It will most likely only work in a standard match in the map Crevice.


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