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Fleet master was a very high and prestigious Sangheili rank within the Covenant Navy. Sangheili Fleet masters command task forces and small fleets.[1]


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Whenever a small fleet is needed for any mission away from the entirety of the Covenant Navy, a Fleet master will be assigned and given command of several warships for the mission. In this regard, they could be considered the Covenant equivalent to a UNSC Rear Admiral. Since Fleet masters are of such a high rank, it is assumed that they may also command the entire fleet should their Supreme Commander or Imperial Admiral be incapacitated during space combat.

They normally operate from a large warship, such as a Reverence-class cruiser, as when Fleet master Voro Nar 'Mantakree operated from the Reverence-class cruiser Incorruptible during the Battle of Onyx.[2]

Physical AppearanceEdit

Fleetmasters have been seen wearing the same yellow-gold armor as other zealot-level Sangheili.

Known Fleet mastersEdit


  • When Voro 'Mantakree was promoted from a Major to a Zealot Fleetmaster; an addition was made to his name, making it Voro Nar 'Mantakree.



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