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The Flatbed Warthog is a variant of the M12 FAV.[1]


The Flatbed Warthog is similar to the other Warthog variants, however, the bay at the rear of the vehicle is clear of any seating or armaments. This allows extra space for cargo transport.

It is likely that it is very similar in appearance to the civilian model of the Warthog. It is assumed that the Flatbed Warthog appears in Halo Wars as a non-upgraded Warthog, although it is not directly called the Flatbed Warthog.

Operational historyEdit

The Flatbed Warthog was used by Avery Johnson and the militia forces on Harvest.[1] It was also used in an operation to transport captured nuclear warheads.[2]

The Flatbead Warthog can be seen again aboard the UNSC Infinity six months after the First Battle of Requiem carrying troops and supplies around the ship.


  • Incidentally, through the 'Turretless vehicle' glitch, it is possible to get an accurate representation of what the Flatbed 'Hog would be like in action.
  • On The Pit, there are two kinds of warthog outside of the map: A Troop Transport, and a turretless version. It can be assumed that this is a Flatbed Warthog.
  • In the first episode of Spartan Ops a warthog with no attachments can be seen driving past Fireteam Majestic after they talk to Roland. This may be a flatbed warthog.



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