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Puño de Rukt
Fist of Rukt
Production information




Type-2 Energy Weapon/Hammer


Melee Weapon

Technical specifications


  • Two handed
  • Length: 2.682 meters (8.8 feet)

Damage Per Hit

Instant kill. High area-effect damage.

Fire Mode

Gravity shockwave



Covenant, later Covenant Loyalists

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The Fist of Rukt is a Jiralhanae ceremonial weapon exclusively used by the Chieftain of the Jiralhanae.


The Fist of Rukt is believed to be the strongest and possibly oldest of the Gravity Hammers with respects to ceremonial purposes. It was also capable of emitting electromagnetic fields and stunning, and possibly energy shielding, as Tartarus isn't seen with an energy shield projector or any kind of armor that supplies it. It possesses abilities unique from traditional gravity hammers. The surface of the hammer may also be magnetized, as 343 Guilty Spark is seen adhered to it, though this could be due to gravity manipulating effects of the hammer.[1]

Originally a primitive stone cudgel wielded by ancient Jiralhanae, the Fist was outfitted with advanced gravity-affecting technology at a later date.

"Rukt" translates to "blood" in Sanskrit, but it is unknown what "Rukt" actually was. Presumably it is named after some entity, possibly the first to possess the hammer, who was presumably either a god or a very celebrated warrior. The specifications of the hammer could mean that Rukt was quite tall, and strong, due to the size and strength of the hammer, as well as the name, Fist. If Rukt was a physical entity, he would most likely have been the leader of the Jiralhanae, and united them, using the hammer as a symbol of leadership, strength and power. It is also possible that he was the Jiralhanae who united them with The Covenant.

The Fist of Rukt is a ceremonial hammer passed down from Chieftain to Chieftain in the ruling clan. It is regarded as a holy object to the Brutes, and was passed down from Chieftain Maccabeus to his nephew Tartarus after the latter had defeated him in battle.[2] Originally, Fist of Rukt did not seem to possess its current gravity-altering abilities, therefore it is possible that it was a modification made by Tartarus at a later date.


Tartarus wielding the Fist of Rukt in Installation 05's Control Room.
JsbAdded by Jsb

After the end of the Battle of the Gas Mine and after Thel 'Vadamee killed the Heretic Leader, Tartarus appeared on scene to fetch him, using the Fist of Rukt to freeze 343 Guilty Spark, and send the "Oracle" hurtling towards the hammer. Tartarus proceeded to pluck it out of the air and toss 343 Guilty Spark up the Gravity Lift of the Phantom that he was in.

After the conclusion of the Battle of the Quarantine Zone on Installation 05, Miranda Keyes and Avery Johnson of the UNSC were able to retrieve the Sacred Icon from Delta Halo's Library. Thel, however, knocked Johnson unconscious, and Tartarus arrived once again. the chieftain of the Brutes was able to levitate Miranda towards himself with the hammer, knocking her unconscious. Subsequently, Tartarus used the Fist of Rukt to attack Thel 'Vadamee, using the gravity shockwave to send the Arbiter flying into a pit.

At the Control Room of Installation 05, the Arbiter, Johnson, numerous Elite Councilors, Zealots, Ultras and Special Operations Elites attempted to kill Tartarus and deactivate Installation 05. The Fist of Rukt was one of Tartarus' advantages, and despite being heavily outnumbered, the massive area effect damage was able to send most of the Elites into the air, killing them, and the Sangheili that attempted to attack Tartarus at close range with Energy Swords were beaten to death by the massive Fist of Rukt. After the Arbiter and Johnson killed Tartarus, the Fist of Rukt fell from the Brute Chieftain's limp hands.


  • Gravity Hammers usable by players in later Halo games are inspired by the Fist of Rukt and were originally going to share an even more similar appearance than the final outcome.[3]
  • In Halo 3, if you charge at Grunts with a Gravity Hammer, they will occasionally yell, "oh no, the Fist of Rukt!" or, "He still wields the Fist of Rukt!" In their sleep, a Grunt will say, "Rukt...Fist...Merry Christmas" and "Fist of Rukt." The Final Grunt says he has the Fist of Rukt.
  • The Fist of Rukt's cultural history with the Brutes is similar to that of the Norse hammer Mjolnir, which was wielded by Thor.
  • In Halo: Contact Harvest, the Fist of Rukt was described as weighing at least as much as Staff Sergeant Nolan Byrne, who was an enormous man by himself.
  • Wizkids released a miniature of Master Chief wielding the Fist of Rukt.



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