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Fielding was a member of the UNSC Marine Corps and an Orbital Drop Shock Trooper in the 105th Shock Troops Division. He or she participated in the Battle of Ariel in January 2552 under the command of Master Sergeant Frost.[1]


Deployed to Ariel following a distress call, the ODSTs landed and investigated one of the planet's two settlements. Soon, they were attacked by the Covenant. After the colony's reactor complex was destroyed, Frost decided that they head to the planet's other settlement four kilometers away. On their way to the settlement, Fielding became visibly fatigued and tripped. This prompted Frost to order Fielding and the other ODSTs to form up their ranks.[1] Fielding was among the ODSTs who survived the battle, as the Covenant abandoned the planet immediately after the destruction of the Forerunner construct known as the Knowing.[2]

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