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The UNSC explores Beta Gabriel’s vast oceans in hopes of recovering wreckage hidden in the crushing depths.

Fathom is a Halo 5: Guardians multiplayer map set on the UNSC Fathom, an underwater research base deep in the oceans of Beta Gabriel.[2]


“UNSC Fathom is ostensibly a research base deep below the waters of the ocean world Beta Gabriel. In truth, the staff of the Fathom are treasure hunters. During the Covenant War, a team of Spartans dispatched from the UNSC Of Uncommon Courage was tasked with infiltrating the Sangheili carrier Splendid Intention in an attempt to retrieve the plans for new Sangheili weapons so powerful that they would render the Covenant’s glassing beams obsolete. Through a series of events as classified as they are unknown, the mission did not go as planned. Both Of Uncommon Courage and Splendid Intention were downed in the southern waters of Beta Gabriel, where the ships remain to this day, awaiting rediscovery by the crew of the Fathom.”
— Cannon Fodder, Rhine Installation[3]

Map SummaryEdit

The map is a symmetrical map, with bases on either end. Each base has a LightRifle mounted on the wall. On the first floor, there is an active camouflage spawn in a small room. On the second floor, there is a SAW on a weapon pad, however it carries no extra magazines. Storm Rifles are featured on the sides of the map.






  • When first released, the power weapon pad had an Railgun. It was later changed to a SAW in the Memories of Reach update.


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