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CNM mark v-b-

A Mark V[B] helmet equipped with the CNM.

The External Command Network Module or CNM, is an external attachment to Mjolnir Powered Assault Armor helmets.[1]

Three different models are known, one designed for the Mark V[B], another for the Military Police helmet, and an Up-Armored variant for the ODST Helmet. The former are standard issue to Special Force unit commanders and Beta-5 Security units patrolling the Inner colonies, while the latter seems to be exclusively used by the ODSTs. The three devices differ in appearance as well as their pricing.[1]

The CNM is available as a helmet accessory in Halo: Reach. The device for the Mark V[B] costs 2000 cR, while the one for the MP variant is priced at 5000 cR, and the ODST variant is priced at 1000 cR.[1][2]


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