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The Eulogy to SPARTAN-B312 was a speech given by Dr. Catherine Halsey on July 7, 2589 during the return to Reach after its successful reclamation from glassing. The purpose of the speech was to commemorate SPARTAN-B312 and the ultimate sacrifice the SPARTAN made to ensure the safe escape of the UNSC Pillar of Autumn.[1]


It didn't take long for Reach to fall: our enemy was ruthless. Efficient. But they weren't nearly fast enough. For you had already passed the torch. And because of you, we found Halo, unlocked its secrets, shattered our enemy's resolve. Our victory — your victory — was so close, I wish you could have lived to see it. But you belong to Reach. Your body, your armor — all burned and turned to glass. Everything… except your courage. That, you gave to us. And with it, we can rebuild.



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