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Remember Reach. Mythic Chaingun with high-capacity magazine loaded with high-explosive ammunition. Jorge's Chaingun also boosts movement speed and damage resistance. You cannot perform Spartan Abilities while using this weapon.

Etilka was a slightly modified M247H Heavy Machine Gun. It was the personal weapon of Jorge-052.[2]

Operational HistoryEdit

Etilka had been used in the last few missions of Jorge's life. He utilised it during the Battle of Fumirole[3] and would also carry it into battle at Visegrád,[4] Sword Base,[5] Szurdok Ridge,[6] and finally at Farkas Lake and on the Ardent Prayer during Operation: UPPER CUT .[7]


The main difference between Etilka and standard M247H is the lack of its square blast shield; instead, a heat shield is placed over the barrel. It also has a two faint yellow stripes along the barrel. Other than that, it functions very similar to the standard M247H.


  • The gun was left in the files of Halo 4 and acted as the physical model of the "Hunter LMG." It is only usable with mods.[8]
  • A recreation of Etilka is available in Warzone in Halo 5: Guardians. It behaves similarly to the standard chaingun turret, however is loaded with a high-capacity magazine. Players wielding Etilka also get a speed boost, damage boost and increased damage resistance.[2]



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