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Eposz was a continent on the human colony of Reach.[1] The continent was located within the Ütközet Province of the Viery Territory[2]


Human-Covenant warEdit

Main article: Fall of Reach

On the night of July 23, 2552, the Visegrád Relay was shut down. Fearing Insurrectionist activity, the UNSC sent in Army team 3 Charlie.[3] However, when 3 Charlie was declared MIA, Noble Team was deployed.[4] It was discovered to be Covenant Zealots and WINTER CONTINGENCY was declared.[5]

After this point, the Covenant and UNSC clashed across the continent. A Covenant Corvette assaulted ONI: Sword Base on July 26.[6] The Sabre Program Launch/Research Range came under attack on August 12.[7] The city of New Alexandria came under siege from August 18 to August 23. On the 23rd, most of the city had been glassed.[8] By August 29, Aszod had become the last possible off world extraction site.[9]

August 30 was the final day of the Fall of Reach and where some of the worst fighting happened on Eposz. Aszod became a battleground that the remnants of Noble Team navigated to deliver a special package.[10] The Highland Mountains were also finally hit, with fighting at ODG Facility A-331,[11] CASTLE Base,[12] and the Military Wilderness Training Preserve.[13]

Post-war Edit

In 2589, a colony ship landed at Aszod.[14] By 2610, New Alexandria had been resettled.[15]









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