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Entry 19-021/024 was an Office of Naval Intelligence post-incident investigation to determine whether details in a Secure Network conversation could have led to the Covenant discovery of Reach.[1]


<\ FILE: [redacted]-[redacted]-[redacted]DATE:[redacted]
<\ USER: Classified [Level [redacted] and above]
<\ ENTRY: 19-021/024
<\ CLEARANCE: Classified [Level [redacted] and above]
<\ TYPE: Post-incident investigation
<\ SUBJECT: Investigation into secure network [SecNet] message exchange between SGT. SCHICKER, Alasdair R. [GLancer] and SGT. POTEET, Joseph M. [TRIGTECH] to ascertain culpability of individuals involved, and classified information contained within, as it relates to the subsequent discovery and ultimate destruction of Reach by the Covenant.
<\ OBJECTIVE: Determine whether the details captured in the conversation contained within File No. [redacted] - [redacted] - [redacted] held any relevance to the events that followed, i.e. potential enemy understanding of defensive forces and tactics present on Reach prior to and during the Covenant invasion. [MORE]
<\ FILE TYPE: Basic [For further details pertaining to this document, including participant background files, clearance-sensitive amendments, and more-click HERE]
<\ NOTE: All other entries related to File No. [redacted] - [redacted] - [redacted] are under review. Full report pending completion of investigation.
<\ DATA: Begin 19-021/024 transcript…
GLancer: [1327, 19.07.2552]
You online?
GLancer: [1332, 19.07.2552]
Trig! You on?
TRIGTECH: [1332, 19.07.2552]
Hold up
TRIGTECH: [1332, 19.07.2552]
Sorry. One of our lifts is bust. We got Hogs backed up out the gate. What’s up?
GLancer: [1333, 19.07.2552]
TRIGTECH: [1333, 19.07.2552]
Always, but got a few. What’s up?
GLancer: [1333, 19.07.2552]
Not bad. I’ll take yer Hogs and raise you 144s. Had three in yesterday.
TRIGTECH: [1334, 19.07.2552]
What’d the 144s set you back? I can run diags on 3 Hogs in the time the flight mechs can run one bird.
GLancer: [1335, 19.07.2552]
Wasn’t bad. They take a helluva lot longer for sys-checks, but no glitches=not a complete cluster. Last week got one with a catch in the rotor. Bork’d the whole damn day.
TRIGTECH: [1335, 19.07.2552]
That’s why I stick to the wheels ‘n’ mud.
GLancer: [1335, 19.07.2552]
Yous tick to ground transpo cuz you hate flying.
TRIGTECH: [1336, 19.07.2552]
GLancer: [1336, 19.07.2552]
No point. We stick with what we know, right? You like dirt, I like clouds.
TRIGTECH: [1336, 19.07.2552]
True. Not that yer toys aren’t interesting, just never had much love for gravity. Must be my infantry blood - boots on the ground and all that.
GLancer: [1337, 19.07.2552]
Don’t know what yer missin’.
TRIGTECH: [1337, 19.07.2552]
Says you.
GLancer: [1337, 19.07.2552]
TRIGTECH: [1338, 19.07.2552]
So, what’s up?
GLancer: [1339, 19.07.2552]
Nothing, really.
TRIGTECH: [1339, 19.07.2552]
Just miss me? I’m touched.
GLancer: [1339, 19.07.2552]
Yeah. Something like that. Just been awhile, thought I’d check in on the old shop.
TRIGTECH: [1340, 19.07.2552]
You been out a year? Over, right? How’s field life?
GLancer: [1340, 19.07.2552]
It’s alright. Got four months left this deply,then shufflin’ back to the “real” world.
TRIGTECH: [1341, 19.07.2552]
Careful what you wish for. I don’t know that base life is any less a grind than a forward plot. Least not these days.
GLancer: [1341, 19.07.2552]
TRIGTECH: [1341, 19.07.2552]
Not so much problems.
[1341, 19.07.2552]
You hear things, right?
GLancer: [1342, 19.07.2552]
About how it’s going?
TRIGTECH: [1342, 19.07.2552]
Yeah. The war.
GLancer: [1342, 19.07.2552]
[1342, 19.07.2552]
It seems different don’t it? Like more tense?

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  1. Halo: The Fall of Reach (2010), Bonus Content

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