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Jackal Energy Cutlass
Energy Cutlass
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An Energy Cutlass is a Covenant melee weapons, primarily used by the Kig-Yar.


It is a shard of glass-like crystal and is pink in color. The Jackals use them primarily to dispatch various enemies in close-quarters fights, especially when boarding an enemy ship in the same manner one would use a combat knife. The weapon also seems to have a self-destruct ability causing it to explode when the sequence is activated.[1]

The Unggoy also use them, as seen during the fighting on the Tiara during the First Battle of Harvest.[2]

Trivia Edit

  • The Energy Cutlasses blade may be made from the same material as Needler rounds due to their similar properties.
  • In the 11th Halo Anniversary terminal, a Kig-Yar with an energy cutlass is shown attacking 343 Guilty Spark.


Sources Edit

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