EnerGuide Logo

The EnerGuide logo.

EnerGuide is a 26th-century company creating generators to produce power for facilities running on older power systems.[1]


Generators produced by the company were used by the UNSC at least in their base Crow's Nest near Voi, during the Battle of Earth in 2552.[1]



EnerGuide had multiple offices in the New Mombasa City Center of New Mombasa, Earth.[2]


  • The current logo, as seen on the New Mombasa building, features a tilted lowercase "e" inside of a partial circle. EnerGuide is then spelled out below the symbol.
  • Another logo has been seen on the labels of generators, which spells out ENERGUIDE in block letters except for the "g," which is represented by a circle with a triangle on the right quadrant of the circle to form a "g"-like symbol.
  • In real life, EnerGuide is a mark used by the Government of Canada in labeling and rating of the energy consumption or energy efficiency of specific products. The mark is also identical to the EnerGuide logo seen in Halo 3.[3][4] However, the logo in Halo 3: ODST appears different.




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