An Emergency military is a type of major military organization that handles a nation's governance at a time of crisis. It is often confused with military rule which is permanent.[1] It may also refer to a military force established in a time of emergency, or an emergency operational force in case of a major invasion, crisis or unrest of indigenous populations.[2] An Emergency military is one of the major military organization types and usually defines the entire aspect of a nation's military force from militia to Navy.[note 1]


The United Nations Space Command serves as humanity's temporary Emergency military government, having been given control over humanity's civilian governing bodies, the Unified Earth Government and the Colonial Administration Authority during the Human-Covenant war.[3] It consists of several subdivisions such as Militia, Marine Corps, Army, Navy and Air Force.


  1. While the Bestiarum mentions "{{subst:PAGENAME}}" under humanity's "Government" field, it is unclear whether this refers to the UNSC's status as a military force created during an emergency, or the fact the UNSC has been given control of civilian governments during another emergency, since both are true.


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