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Elysium city Primary Education Facility Number 119 was a school located on Elysium City, Eridanus II. It was the school that John-117 attended until age six, before he was chosen for the Spartan-II program and replaced with a flash-clone. The school had a substantial playground, including Gravball courts, and a grassy hill were John-117 played King of the Hill.[1]

History Edit

It was also the meeting place of Dr. Catherine Halsey (accompanied by Lieutenant Junior Grade Jacob Keyes) and the first SPARTAN-II candidate, Number-117. Once Dr. Halsey identified John, she asked him to flip a quarter. After John successfully guessed which side the quarter would land on, Dr. Halsey added luck to the list of genetic markers she was testing in the Spartans. Approximately one month later, John-117 was abducted from the school.



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