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Halo 3: ODSTEdit

Single-Player QuotesEdit


  • "You know the music, time to dance." - When telling his squad to suit up.
  • "Pods, now." -After Romeo comments on Dare.
  • "Second to last, right next to mine." -When showing Dare to her pod.
  • "Ms. Naval intelligence, our new boss. So check your mouths, find your chairs... [forces a Sniper rifle into Romeo's hands] and get set for a combat drop!" - Buck to Romeo when Romeo asked for her name.
  • "Troopers! We are green, and very, very mean!" - Just before the drop on Easy and Normal.
  • "Pucker up, Marines! I sure as hell ain't hosing out your pods!" - Just before the drop on Heroic.
  • "We are droppin' into Hell, troopers! Time to grow a pair!" - Just before the drop on Legendary.
  • "Hey Romeo, remember when I told you to shut your mouth? Consider that a standing order." Buck to Romeo during the HEV drop.
  • "You know the only thing I regret about us? Not knowing you were a spook. I would have been a lot less charming." Buck to Dare immediately after the drop.
  • "Hey Romeo, have you got your ears on?" -Buck to Romeo after he does not respond to him.
  • "Oh, I see. Permission to speak, smartass." -Buck to Romeo after he does not respond to his previous question.
  • "Do you ever get tired of bitching, Romeo?" -In response to Romeo complaining about having to use the stairs.
  • "Point taken." -Replying to Romeo's comment.
  • "Get this thing off of me." - While underneath a dead Brute Chieftain.
  • "No! Well... maybe one or... two!" -During conversation with Dare, who asked him if he had killed any Engineers.
  • "Well, how was I supposed to know?" -After being scolded after the above statement.
  • "What was that for?" -After being punched by Dare.
  • "Take my advice, Rookie. You ever fall for a woman? Make sure she's got balls." -Buck to Rookie, after Dare boards a NMWD truck, and out of earshot.
  • "Whoa! Stand down." -After Avery Johnson tosses his lighter at Vergil.


  • "Don't look at me Rookie, cover the Captain!" -Buck to Rookie if he stares at him for a few moments.
  • "That look may work with the chicks, but not with me." -Buck to Rookie if he stares at him for a few moments.
  • "Last person who looked at me like that was the Captain. And I asked her to marry me, so... don't say I didn't warn you." -Buck to Rookie if he stares at him for a few moments.
  • "I understand that in the Military we aren't supposed to ask, but I think I don't have to with you." -Buck to Rookie if he continues to stare at him (reference to the US Military's former "don't ask, don't tell" policy on relationships).
  • "Look, I'm not saying anything has to happen, but maybe later we just hold each other in our underwear or something, but now we have a job to do!" -Buck to either the Rookie or Romeo if he stares at him.
  • "Don't let that damn turret fire one more round!"
  • "This is Sparta!" -IWHBYD Skull at various points in Campaign and Firefight, a reference to both 300 and the SPARTAN-II program.
  • "Don't make me do something manly and impulsive." -IWHBYD Skull. This is a reference to Nathan Fillion's character Malcolm Reynolds from Firefly who insists that "Barging onto a companion's shuttle is both manly and impulsive."
  • "This is your 8 A.M. wake up call!"
  • "You know, with that helmet on... I can't tell... if you're staring at me... or not." -When stared at. IWHBYD possibly required.
  • "Go through 'em like a one stoplight town." -After all enemies in the area are dead.
  • "Thank you for the shiny, pretty gun." -If the player gives Buck a more powerful and bigger weapon
  • "You do know this is a better gun?" -If the player gives Buck a more powerful weapon.  IWHBYD required.
  • "You do realise that this is a better gun?" -If the player gives Buck a more powerful weapon.
  • "Beats my standard issue noisemaker" -If the player gives Buck a more powerful weapon.
  • "Whoop-dee-doo!" -When the vehicle Buck is in is launched by an explosive. IWHBYD possibly required
  • "That was 800 yards with a bent scope!" -IWHBYD Skull required. When you no scope a headshot in NMPD HQ. Firefly reference.
  • "Hey, watch it. New vehicles don't just fall out of the sky." -IWHBYD skull possibly required. When you repeatedly roll your Warthog on Coastal Highway. Possible reference to Invasion of Halo: Reach.
  • "You take the turret. I haven't been able to hit anything all day." -If you replace Buck in the Warthog turret on Coastal Highway.
  • "You take the turret. You're better at it anyway." -If you hop in the Warthog turret on Coastal Highway.
  • "You know, they are more fun to fight than Elites" -referring to Brutes on NMPD HQ.

Firefight QuotesEdit

  • "Heat in the pipe! That's what she said!" - Rocket Launcher
  • "Let me turret, you suck at it."
  • "Bam, said the lady." - This is a phrase voice actor Nathan Fillion is trying to promote, with the meaning of a general exclamation. It also makes an appearance in his TV show Castle.
  • "Boom, headshot." - Reference to Doug from Pure Pwnage
  • "Ooh, the back of your head." - Assassination/Melee kill, Red vs. Blue reference.
  • "Aaand, a headshot!"
  • "Let me turret, you suck at it. Don't get mad, we all know it."
  • "Felt good, sounded bad."-Rare to be said
  • "Smile, you son of a bitch!" - This is a reference to Jaws.
  • "Whoops, Dropped your Brains!"
  • "Nice catch! With your face."
  • "You must be the stupidest apes in the whole damn 'verse!" - Firefly reference. Firefly characters refer to the universe as the 'verse.
  • "Special delivery from kick your ass express!"
  • "Flung a pineapple in there!"
  • "I thought you guys were supposed to be shiny?" - Firefly reference.
  • "I was expecting some actual resistance!"

Halo: ReachEdit

Firefight VoiceEdit

  • "You in there? Respond. That's an order." - When previewing his voice in the Armory.
  • "Yeah, well... Here I am." - When previewing his voice in the Armory (quote from ODST, and also the last line from Jubal Early in Firefly).
  • "Covies won't know what hit them." - When previewing his voice in the Armory.
  • "In one ear, out the other." - Headshot.
  • "Right betwixt the eye sockets." - Headshot.
  • "Here's one for your face!" - Headshot.
  • "Nice catch, with your face." - Headshot.
  • "BAM, said the lady!" - Headshot.
  • "Oho...well..I kinda felt bad about that." - Headshot.
  • "Frag out." - Said when throwing a grenade (Can be a Fragmentation Grenade or Plasma Grenade).
  • "See you in hell, Covie!" - Said when throwing a grenade. (Sometimes he'll say "Keep the place warm for me!" with it, IWHBYD possibly required)
  • "I got lots of these!" - seems to be rare, when throwing a grenade.
  • "Say my name!" - seems to be very rarely said, when throwing a grenade. A reference to the Cruiser Say My Name
  • "What's my name?!" - IWBYD skull possibly required, when throwing a grenade.
  • "Take it." - Throwing a grenade
  • "Take it, Jackhole." - Throwing a grenade, IWBYD possibly required
  • "I'm right on target." - throwing a grenade.
  • "I'm more poised to shootin'." - throwing a grenade.
  • "Oh, you still up? SIT DOWN!" - When meleeing - Machinima video maker 'ONLYuseMEblade' has a tendency to say 'Sit DOWN!' when he gets notable kills.
  • "I aim to misbehave." - When meleeing (Serenity reference).
  • "Say hi to your Mother for me." - When meleeing
  • "Ooh, the kitty got wet.." - When meleeing, IWBYD possibly required. A reference to a quote from the protagonist of Uncharted, Nathan Drake.
  • "Bam said the lay-day." - When meleeing, IWBYD possibly required.
  • "Boop." - When meleeing, IWBYD possibly required.
  • "Cover me please, I am reloading." - When reloading.
  • "Changing mag! If anyone's got a spare, I wouldn't say no." - When reloading.
  • "Violence is definitely ensuing." (Serenity reference)
  • "Tango down!"
  • "Yeah, eat it!"
  • "Ha ha ha ha ha! Oh, I'm gettin' good." -Possibly said when he gets a headshot
  • "Yeah, that's the way!"
  • "Got one!"
  • "That's how we do it!"
  • "That one's for you!"
  • "Like that, ya bastard?!"
  • "Ha ha ha, got plenty more!"
  • "Popped one!"
  • "I'm not gonna lie, I'm gonna make it hurt." -Either taking damage or recharging his shields and health in a Drop Shield
  • "Oh you want a piece of me?!" -Taking damage
  • "....Owww, my back.." -When hit by wreckage, but still alive. He says "my back" rather quickly..
  • "I am green and very, very mean!" - When picking up a Fuel Rod cannon (Reference to a similar quote from the opening cutscene of ODST)
  • "It looks like I'm taking a break, really I'm just reloading."
  • "Cover me please, I am reloading."
  • "Cover me, reloading."
  • "Hostile De-hostilized."
  • "Plasma Launcher up and running." -When switching to the Plasma Launcher
  • "I'm drivin'." -When entering the driver seat.
  • "He-hey! My dad had one of these! ...That's how he died." - When entering the driver seat. IWHBYD possibly required.
  • "When I drive, I work the radio" - When entering the driver seat. IWHBYD possibly required.
  • "Nice to meet ya!" - When assassinating an enemy.
  • "Would'ya..hold still..?!" - When assassinating an enemy, IWHBYD possibly required.
  • "Aaah, I like it up close like this..." - When assassinating an enemy.
  • "Oh no!" - When stuck
  • "Get clear, get clear!" - When stuck
  • "What smells like barbeq-AAAHHH!!" - When stuck. IWHBYD possibly required.
  • "What's that hissing sound?" - When stuck. IWHBYD possibly required.
  • "I need you to FO-CUS!" -If one stares at him in battle.
  • "Oops, didn't see ya there.." -Shooting or meleeing someone around the corner or while turning.
  • "Oooh, well, I almost lost my hand." -Shooting or meleeing around the corner.
  • "Big... Yellow... Thing- Ready!" - When equipping a Fuel Rod Gun
  • "Big green radiation gun up and runnin' right next to my face!" - When equipping a Fuel Rod Gun
  • "Hey, less of this, more shooty" - When stared at
  • "Stow that stare and return fire!" - When stared at.
  • "That's great! That's great, sweet-cheeks! Enemies over there!" - When stared at.
  • "So here's us, on the raggedy edge." - Firefly/Serenity reference, said when stared at.
  • "I like killing you guys up close." - When assassinating an enemy. IWHBYD possibly required.
  • "Heat in the pipe!" - When equipping/switching to the Rocket Launcher.
  • "You know, it's true... looking at you, I can tell - close enough, everyone's ugly." - When stared at.
  • "Hoopah.."—When jumping
  • "Alley-oop."—When jumping
  • "Let's go cook some bugs!" - When equipping a Spartan Laser.
  • "Remember, when you see red, duck!" -When cooling down the spartan laser
  • "Laser up!"  -When equipping a spartan laser
  • "I'm on death ray duty!" -When equipping a spartan laser

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