Maria-062 primes a mock grenade and hurls it at the ODST training unit.

Echo Five was the callsign of an ODST stationed in Gyeonggi-do to help test the Mjolnir Mark VI armor.

Maria-062 tested the Mjolnir Mk VI in an armor testing exercise with several ODSTs. During the armor testing, Spartan-062 hurled a paintball grenade into the middle of the unsuspecting ODSTs, neutralizing Echo 1 through 5. The sole survivor of the blast, Echo 6, ran, but was later gunned down by Spartan-062 after initiating the "Bulgoki Gambit." After Spartan-062 was subdued, she was brought back to the Special Ops Center, accompanied by Echo Five and his ODST companions (whom all had paintball marks on them).