The East African Protectorate is likely an African union of nations much like today's African Union or the United Nations. It makes up a large part of East Africa, including, but not limited to the present day nations Kenya and Tanzania.[1]

History Edit

Early History Edit

Not much is explained about the East African Protectorate other than because of the location of the New Mombasa Orbital Elevator in its city of New Mombasa, it is a powerful nation with great wealth.

Sometime in the 25th century the East African Protectorate tried a number of high capital projects like Wind Power Station 7 based on Zanzibar Island in an attempt of re-nationalization.[2] Part of this re-nationalization included creating the Global Water Campaign, which involved the building of many different water purification plants.[3]

Battle of EarthEdit

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On October 20, 2552, the Prophet of Regret had arrived at Earth. Regret's flagship, the Solemn Penance was the sole ship to brake through orbital defensive lines. It ended up resting above New Mombasa while Regret was in search of The Artifact. The Prophet then entered into Slipspace, while in the city, to Installation 05.[4] The closing of slipspace portal caused the New Mombasa Orbital Elevator to become very weak and eventually collapse.[5] The resulting wreckage would end up spreading out across huge swaths of the Kenyan savannah.[6]

After Regret's failed attack, the Prophet of Truth's fleet immediately began to reinforce the remaining forces over Africa.[7] They began assaulting UNSC bases around the country such as Crow's Nest. As well, they also began to excavate The Artifact from beneath the cities of Voi and New Mombasa.[6] When the portal opened, a Flood infected Indulgence of Conviction, hit Voi, causing the human allied Fleet of Retribution to glass part of the country and other parts of the continent.[8]




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