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ENGCORP Field Report A79052[1] was a planetary report on Onyx performed by the UNSC.

February 19, 2492
Field Report A79052- UNSC ENGCORP
Subject: Geological Expedition Four, planet XF-063
Reporting Officer: Lieutenant W. K. Davidson, UNSC.ENGCORP/ UNSCMID: 07729654
The northern plateau region of the midlatitude landmass has an abundance of Granite and Quartz varieties forming hills and mesas. Breathtaking Onyx quarries.
Additional exploration of this region has revealed Limestone of organic origins, specifically an ancient coral reef with a rich fossil history.
Cursory investigation has yielded several ancient species of unknown origins, and entire phylum found of possibly alien taxonomy.
Recommendation: Follow-up survey. Specialist requested in Paleo- and Xenobiology and Biochemistry.


  1. Halo: Ghosts of Onyx, pages 123-124

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