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ENGCORP Field Report A76344[1] was the first planetary survey of the planet Onyx by the UNSC.

May 6, 2491 (Military Calendar)
Field Report A76344-UNSC.ENGCORP
Subject: Survey Planet XF-063
Reporting Officer: Captain D. F. Lambert, UNSC.ENGCORP/ UNSCMID: 03981762
XF-063 is a rare jewel of a find. There is an oxygen-nitrogen-inert gas atmosphere of suitable pressure and a moderate weather cycle. There is a surprising abundance of indigenous flora and fauna, which upon cursory investigation poses no danger. In fact, edible species present. (See additional reports for details.) Transplant of Earth species possible.

Notable anomalies: No detectable tectonic activity, but there is still an unusually strong planetary magnetic field. Slightly higher than normal background radiation measured, but well within tolerable standards. Additional geological testing recommended.
No terraforming effort required. Colonization highly recommended.


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