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I suspect we are forcing them into a tighter arena than they care to fight in. Soon we may be able to use the Sharquoi...

The Sharquoi, previously known as Drinol,[3][4] are a rarely encountered Covenant species. They are huge beasts that are kept contained and completely segregated from the other forces, suggesting lack of intelligence. They possess phenomenal strength and are often used simply for their brute force.[5]

Although they do not appear in any released Halo material, Sharquoi do exist in the Halo universe.[6]

Behind the ScenesEdit

How about this for a Halo 2 creature you've never heard of before: a Drinol Beast, a sort of hairless, gray monster with one eye - although there are other drawings of it with two eyes so you can't take for granted that it's going to make the final game.
— GamesRadar[7]

The Sharquoi (then called Drinol) were cut during development of both Halo: Combat Evolved and Halo 2 in the pre-Xbox stages of Halo's development, the Drinol were a fully coded and animated enemy, but were scrapped some time after Bungie was acquired by Microsoft, and so never made it into the final game. The idea was to be revived, and implemented in Halo 2, but the idea was eventually given up on again. Nevertheless, a reference to the Sharquoi was present in the Conversations from the Universe pre-order bonus, and so they are considered canon.





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