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Draetheus-V and X50
Draetheus V

Star, position

Draetheus System, Draetheus V







Unified Earth Government

Techology tier

Tier 3

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Draetheus V is a human research colony in the Draetheus System.


Little is known about Draetheus V. It was home to many human research facilities and magnetic reactor stations.[2] In the post-war years the planet was attacked by a radical sect of the Covenant Empire, who was interested in the planet's largest magnetic reactor field. A battle ensued and the UNSC Infinity was deployed along with Spartans Palmer and Davis.[3] The planet's fate is unknown.


  • The UNSC's interest in the planet's magnetic properties likely stems from the planet's seeming decay; with numerous fissures in its surface and the light of its core visible in some places.
  • The Covenant's interests in the planet are unknown. But it is possible that there is some sort of Forerunner device, as seen in Trailers, and photos, possibly being what the Covenant are after.



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