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Dominion is an objective-based gametype in Halo 4. The objective is to capture and hold three bases like as the Territories gametype, and eliminate the other team. If a team loses all of their bases, the players are granted an overshield and are not able to respawn until a new base is captured. The unique thing about this gametype is the fact that players are able to build cover, turrets and vehicles to help defend their bases. Bases are captured by accessing computer terminals. Once the player has accessed a terminal, a timer will start running, and the base capture is complete after fifteen seconds. If a base is captured, the terminal of that base will change to the color of the team that just captured it. Afterwards, the base will be able to be fortified which allows the construction of turrets, cover, and vehicles. The goal of this game type is for one of the teams to reach 400 points first. This is reached by the resupply counter once a team captures a base. Every 45 seconds, the base will be resupplied with ordnance drops and vehicles spawns and another 30 points will be added to that team's score. A base can always be captured by the opposite team, which takes 15 seconds.

Map TypeEdit

  • Longbow
  • Vortex
  • Exile
  • Meltdown


  • Base Offense
  • Base Defense
  • Base Capture Initiated
  • Base Captured
  • Base Init. Assist
  • Fortification Assist
  • Resupply Assist
  • Turret Built
  • Turret Destroyed


  • This gametype is one of the quickest to achieve Master commendations with as you can earn the medals required by just being in a base when it is captured.


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