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The Disabled Hunter glitch is a glitch that can occur in Halo: Reach. When a player gets on top of a Hunter the enemy AI will be unable to correctly identify the location of the player and will cause the Hunter to become "confused," the Hunter will begin flailing randomly and can not attack the player. This glitch can be performed in either Firefight or Campaign.


1) The player engages a Hunter.

2) After the player engages the Hunter, the player must get on top of the Hunter, this can be done by using the Jet Pack armor ability, jumping onto cargo containers, or by leaping off of other elevated structures and terrain. The Hunter will move about in random motions and will not be able to attack the player.


Game Fails Halo Reach "Hunters..02:22

Game Fails Halo Reach "Hunters... dangerous, but easily confused"

The Glitch performed in Campaign.

Friendly Hunter00:50

Friendly Hunter

The Friendly Hunter glitch performed in Firefight.

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