Are you looking for Mantle's Approach, the Didact's ship in Halo 4?

This unnamed vessel served as transport for the Ur-Didact, Bornstellar-Makes-Eternal-Lasting, and the humans Chakas and Riser. The ship was "grown" from a design seed planted under Djamonkin Crater by the The Librarian.[1] It was destroyed shortly after its activation, during the Battle of Janjur Qom.

Design detailsEdit

The ship was not "built" in the traditional sense, but rather "grown" from an object known as a design seed. The seed contained all the schematics and plans required to construct the ship, as well as the ship's slipspace shard, a piece of a much larger crystal used by the Forerunners in their slipspace drives.

Most of the raw materials for the hull of the ship were apparently drawn from the central peak of Djamonkin Crater. The mountain was first dismantled and turned into several pillars arranged in a circle with an elevated platform in the center.[2] As the Didact, Bornstellar, Chakas and Riser stepped onto the central platform, the pillars began to spin rapidly, changing their shapes to form the hull of the ship.[3][4]

The vessel was highly advanced, even by Forerunner standards. In its fully constructed state, the ship was an ovoid approximately 1,000 meters long. Approximately one third of the ships mass was composed of fuel and engine reactants. The remaining space was used to accommodate personnel and could be configured at will, using various forms of hard light.[5] It was stated as having enough space for 5,000 Warrior-Servants.

Although newly constructed, the ship came fully equipped with a contingent of Forerunner picket class cruiser and an armory stocked with spare combat skins, thousands of hand weapons and a host of other military devices, including the Didact's War Sphinxes.[6]



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