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The detached turret glitch is a glitch in Halo: Reach which allows the player to detach a turret, yet still hold it like it is mounted on its stand. It also allows the player to seamlessly glide across the floor much like the ghosts of Halo which many gamers have claimed to see.


You will only need 1 person for this but you can display the lack of aim when you fire at other players.

1. First of all place a roof just tall enough to crouch under yet still tall enough for a turret to stand.

2. Place a turret underneath.

3. Crouch walk underneath and grab the turret

4. Detach the turret

Note: If you leave the roof the glitch will reset.


The detached turret glitch shares a few similarity's with the ghost's of halo claimed to have been seen by many gamer's such as the lack of a walking ability and no aiming, the stance is also the same as when you use a turret when it is mounted, you will also grip the detached turret as though it is still mounted.


  • This glitch shares some similarity's with the ghosts of halo claimed to have been seen by many gamers such as the lack of a walking animation and no aiming.
  • The player will hold the detached turret as though it is mounted.

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