Design seeds, also known as "ship-seeds"[1] were pieces of technology used by Forerunner Builders to encode data that would be used to quickly assemble a machine at the appropriate time. The Librarian somehow acquired a design seed that was placed inside a mountain near the Ur-Didact's Cryptum on Erde-Tyrene, which then gave birth to a large ship for his escape.[2]

Design and operationEdit

A design seed was comprised of software which contained the schematics for the machine, as well as machinery, which would obtain construction materials on-site and turn them into several main components; a large octagonal platform surrounded by eight curved pillars, each rising a thousand meters from the ground. The machinery worked remarkably quickly; the mountain at the center of Djamonkin Crater was dismantled and reshaped into the core components within a single night.[3]

When the machine was activated, these pillars would begin to rotate around the central platform. As they spun, they projected Hard light components, which used raw materials obtained on-site and reconstituted them into the alloys and components needed to build a ship or other machine. The construction process was extraordinarily rapid; the Didact's ship was approximately one kilometer long, and yet the entire vessel was materialized within a matter of minutes.



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