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Daz 'Shul is a Sangheili which leads a lance of three Wraiths including his own.


Daz 'Shul and his lance drop in certain Warzone Firefight simulations. The members of his lance consist of three unnamed Sangheili that all drive Temple Wraiths. Each Wraith in the lance has a gunner, which makes each Wraith difficult to pick off due to the gunner and a chance of the Wraith ramming into its attackers. The Wraith, like most other AI-controlled vehicles, cannot be boarded. After the Wraith is destroyed, a Pool of Radiance and a Vorpal Talon will drop, which can then be picked up by players and used.


  • Daz 'Shul is not given a separate title like certain other bosses; he is simply referred to as Daz 'Shul's Lance.



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