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DCS Regulation BDX-008814530 is a regulation set forth by the UNSC Department of Commercial Shipping.[1] In case of a crew medical emergency a ship would send out an S.O.S. requesting for "immediate medical assistance" from any available ships. Jilan al-Cygni along with Staff Sergeants Avery Johnson and Nolan Byrne used this regulation to send out a false S.O.S from Bulk Discount, to lure Minor Transgression into a trap. The Shipmistress of Minor Transgression, Chur'R-Yar, thinking it was another ship with Forerunner relics aboard, fell for the trap. Thinking the ship belonged to Insurrectionists, al-Cygni, Johnson and Byrne were surprised to find out the ship belonged to aliens which they would later learn belonged to the Covenant Empire.


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